Automated testing (monitoring) of network devices and applications
(packet generator and sniffer)



AnetTest is an integrated packet generator and sniffer for Ethernet, but also similarly works with blocks of data at a TCP connection. Enables you to use scripts for automated testing, monitoring, imitating of various network objects, creating custom network tools.



1. Generating any packets at channel level for Ethernet networks;

2. Work with TCP sessions. Sending and receiving data over TCP connection. Imitating client or server;

3. The ability of sending some data alternating with receiving some expected data;

Samples: ask_mac

4. Using (creating) own headers for any network protocol or packet's template;

5. Using flexible language with conditions, variables, cycles and others;

Samples: http_parser.

6. Creating own sniffers with custom output. Powerful analysis of packets;

Samples: http_parser

7. Writing various network tools for testing, monitoring or imitating network objects;

8. Work with statistic resulted from tests. Displaying summary reports;

9. Automatic (automated) testing of firewalls;

10. Imitating the work of network applications using info from trace file.
It may be useful for implementing automatic (automated) testing of firewall;

11. Modifing and powerful analyzing of trace files.

Samples: work_with_traces.



  Before installing libpcap ( must be installed.


  Before installing WinPcap ( must be installed.


Many of functions AnetTest implements are the combinations of two base functions: sending and recieving of packets or blocks of data over TCP connection. Above these functions there is a script language.

The script enables you to

1. Define packets which will be generated. Packet's content may be described by means of a set of fields with various value types: numbers, strings, network addresses. It's possible to define own fields in order to build custom packet's templates and headers for new protocols;

2. Define packets which will be expected. Waiting these packets. It's possible to specify requests for each expected packet: must be recieved or must not be recieved. So the script is not only the description of the sequence of actions but also the description of the reaction of network objects and applications. The script can perform a fully automatic test making the conclusion about its successfulness;

3. Make the decision about the next actions. The decision can be made based on the type of recieved packet simply or on recieved packet's content. For these purposes the script language has been developed to be able to use variables and branches. So powerful analysis can be performed;

4. Other useful operations.


AnetTest was initially developed for automated firewall testing. Only hardware firewalls are supposed but such firewalls may be implemented by loading firewall software on a separate computer.

Packet filter testing

For packet filter testing it's possible to describe a set of different packets in script, and also the requests for each of them weather it must be passed by the filter or must not be.

If you are able to connect all the interfaces of filter to a single computer then it will be possible to implement an easy and fast test.

Samples: fasttest

Otherwise you will need to implement an additional automated system which would be able to synchronously start a packet generator and sniffers on different computers, and gather the trace-files issued by the sniffers.

Testing through network activity imitation

While testing complex firewalls the work with separate packets is quite difficult. AnetTest offers the ability of work with the samples of network traffic stored in trace-file. So it imitates network activity in strict compliance with trace-file. Requests may be specified about what packets must be passed by firewall and what are not.

It should be noted that the imitation doesn't mean the simple generation of the packets from trace-file. Packets must be generated from different sources so the initial configuration of test is requied.

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